We received 733 responses to our preferred land use alternative survey. Thank you again for your participation! The purpose of the survey was to help us better understand the vision for future areas of growth in the City and Sphere of Influence. Your preferences for what types of places and urban design you'd like to see will help us guide future development in our City. 

To review the results of the preferred land use alternative survey, click here.


We received 678 responses to our community character survey. The purpose of the survey was to identify land use and community character preferences in five areas of the City.  The survey asked participants to review various land use alternatives and select their preferred option.    

To review the results of the community character survey, click here

Our Visual Preference Survey Results are in!

We received 854 responses to our visual preference survey. Thank you for your ongoing support and participation! The purpose of the survey was to better understand community preferences for different design options in the City.  The survey included several series of four photographs related to design elements in the community. Respondents were asked to rate their preferred images for each series of photographs. To view the results of the visual preference survey, click here.

we're listening to you!

We received 564 responses to our first community survey. The purpose of the survey was to provide all of you with an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on the future of the City. We highly value all of the feedback you have provided and want to THANK YOU for taking the time to respond!   

 We want to share what we’ve heard from you and have created a document summarizing your responses. We also want to make sure you know that we'll be using all your feedback to continue shaping the General Plan update process. To view the results of the community survey, click here.