The General Plan Process

The project began early in 2017 and the process is expected to take approximately 2 years.  The following describes the primary tasks of the project. 

Task  1: Project Initiation. The first task of the project is to hold a one-day kick-off meeting in Beaumont to initiate the project. This meeting will include an overall team meeting, topics meetings with City staff, and a tour of the City. 

Task 2: Public Participation. The public participation plan include two key objectives: first, to engage the community in the data collection efforts, and second, to promote extensive community outreach as part of the General Plan Update process.. 

Task 3: Existing Conditions Report.  The kickoff meeting will be followed by a review of existing reports, studies, and regulations, in addition to working with staff to determine how the information should be incorporated into the General Plan. This process will help ensure that both the existing conditions report and the General Plan policies are consistent with the City’s vision and values. 

Task 4: Visioning & Alternative.  The community will help lead the process of developing long-term goals for the City and identifying policy and design alternatives. The alternatives will address key issues facing the City, including identifying areas of the community where no land use and physical change will occur and alternative scenarios for how these areas could transform over time.

Task 5: Preparation of the General Plan. During this phase, the General Plan will be written and reviewed by staff and then presented to the community.

Task 6: Environmental Impact Report (EIR). An EIR will be prepared concurrently with the General Plan, analyzing the potential impacts of future growth in Beaumont. The EIR will be released for public review at approximately the same time as the General Plan. 

Task 7: Zoning Ordinance Update. A summary of key issues, concerns, and inconsistencies will be prepared between the final adopted General Plan and the Zoning Code. Subsequently, the City’s Zoning Code will be updated.

Task 8: City Meetings. The General Plan and EIR will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council. The final document will be adopted by the City Council.

An extensive public outreach and participation program will be organized throughout the entire General Plan Update process. More information can be found on the Participate page.